Sunday, 23 September 2012

Hello Planet Ubuntu, the Hundred Papercuts project needs your help

After 18 months of drive-by contributions, two successful patches and many more unsuccessful attempts, I've finally gotten round to applying for, and receiving, Ubuntu Membership. My name is Chris Wilson and I'm a graduate software developer living and working in Manchester, UK. My programming specialities are C++ and Qt and I have a strong desire to learn Python, Quickly and Django, though not so much of the time that would be required.

I've recently taken over leadership of the hundred papercuts project and am exploring way to revitalise community interest which has waned over the past few cycles. I believe the Hundred Papercuts project is vitally important to Ubuntu. As well as focusing on the minor/trivial bugs that developers typically triage down the back of the desk, it provides a point of entry for new contributors to learn the processes involved in Ubuntu development, get to grips with the tools and find their way around the code without getting in over their heads.

The initial drive and enthusiasm with which the project kicked off during the Karmic cycle was all but faded into the night, putting that value at risk. Working with the remaining contributors, the Ubuntu Desktop team and the community at large, I intend to breath new life into what should be the crown jewel in community involvement with Ubuntu. To begin with, I've distributed a questionnaire which has been filled in by many members of the community. I've created a wiki page as a central point of reference for the revival of the project where a link to the results of the questionnaire can be found. Anyone is free to check them out and if reading them gives you any ideas then please feel free to add them to the relevant section, and if you've like to participate in a longer discussion of one or more ideas, then please join the Papercuts Ninja team on Launchpad and use the mailing list there.

Thanks a lot for reading this, and I hope to be working with many of you both now and in the future.