Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Paper Cuts "R" - First meeting of the One Hundred Paper Cuts project

Sorry for the short notice on this, but I'm a little disorganised on this one.

The first meeting of the newly revived One Hundred Paper Cuts project will be held on Thursday 22nd November from 1900 to 2000 UTC in #ubuntu-desktop. If you want to know what that time translates to in your own timezone, then check this out.

Since this is just the first one, we're not going to be in #ubuntu-meeting this time. If this one goes well, then we're going to set up a regular meeting time in #ubuntu-meeting.

Anyone is free to attend and to propose items for discussion. If you have a suggestion for how we can do things better, then come along. If you have a problem with what we're currently doing, then come along. If you have any form of half-baked idea that you don't think is appropriate, then come along, because it all ideas are appropriate.

A wiki page containing the current agenda for the meeting can be found here. Anyone is free to add something to the list, provided they then send a message to the Paper Cuts Ninja mailing list so we can have a discussion about it before the meeting starts. Showing up on the day to discuss your idea would be a good idea, but if you can't make it, then ping us on our mailing list, or me directly at either notgary on Freenode or at notgary [at] ubuntu [dot] com.