Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Next paper cuts meeting this Thursday, regular meetings to happen on Tuesdays

Part of building a successful project, whether it's a business, a charity or an open source software endeavour, is making sure that your team members and contributors get together regularly and chat to each other about what they've been doing, what they want to do and what problems they're facing. One that note, One Hundred Paper Cuts will be having their next meeting on Thursday 24th January at 2000 UTC in #ubuntu-meeting on Freenode. Following that, regular meetings will take place in #ubuntu-meeting at 1900 UTC every Tuesday.

If you've been thinking about getting involved but haven't gotten round to it yet, then just drop by to say hi and let us know what you're interested in doing. Contributing to One Hundred Paper Cuts is probably the best way to improve the experience of the end user on Ubuntu.