Saturday, 29 June 2013

How to build Ubuntu packages from source the easy way

One of the biggest hurdles new contributors to Ubuntu face is figuring out how to build the package they want to work on. While the Autotools-based build system used by the majority of the packages is effective, it isn't exactly welcoming to people who haven't spent years working with it.

I've written a guide to help new contributors get started with building our packages. It;s really quite simple once you know what tools to use, and the biggest problem I faced when I started working with the source code was knowing there was an easier way than the configure-make-make-install routine that would inevitably be interrupted by numerous esoteric error messages.

The guide can be found here, and will work with any Gnome packages, so that includes Rhythmbox, Shotwell, Nautilus, Gedit, etc.

Any and all feedback is welcome.